Session Packages

Our lives are an extraordinary collection of stories and experiences - the “everyday” and the “big ones.”

I’ll showcase the moments that build your life’s narrative: the fresh love of a new engagement, the wonder of welcoming a tiny new human into your world, the silliness of giggle-inducing family sessions, and all those special moments in-between.

Sessions are a fun, relaxed way to just ENJOY your family and PLAY!  I promise to capture the beautiful, unique connections between the members of your family in a way where you feel comfortable, unposed and natural.   

While I do believe those "SAY CHEESE" shots, where everyone is looking at the camera, are wonderful to have in your collection, I encourage you to feel comfortable with so much more.  I promise to do every thing I personally can to ensure that we steal away genuine smiles, session-hiccups and mischievous moments to build a true experience worth remembering over and over again.

Allow me the honor of capturing YOUR STORY as you LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST. 

Family Session

Family sessions are the backbone of Lyla Lane Photography. These sessions are the absolute best way to celebrate the unbreakable bonds you have with your loved ones.

We will giggle, we will play games, we will ride out toddler tantrums, have snacks and we will definitely hug and snuggle a lot…well, you will: I’ll be behind the lens, not hugging, but orchestrating it all.

I will gently coach you throughout the session to create the most impactful, flattering, yet natural-looking images of your family members and the deep emotional connections your share.

From $395

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Engagement Session

This is where your story of forever begins. The spark, the flirting, the stolen glances - I want to be there to capture it all for you.

Let’s take an adventure together to one of your favorite spots, the place you fell in love, or a place that is just surrounded by the beauty of nature or the excitement of the city! No matter where we are, your love story will always take center stage.

We will all have some laughs and some schmoopy moments as I learn all about why you are meant to be each other’s forever and I will gently guide you every step of the way to make you look like your flawless selves and so naturally and utterly in love.

From $395

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

Maternity Session

New mothers-to-be radiate. They really do! It is an awe inspiring honor to be there, capturing this incredibly transformative time in your life.

There is so much serene joy at these sessions. New parents-to-be beam with pride, love, and nervous anticipation. Even with all this emotion swirling above their heads, they always look so completely grounded and connected.

I would love to capture the beauty of this brief season in your life - your new-mother glow, and the love your share with your spouse. Your other children are always welcome to join in the celebration of you and their new brother or sister-to-be. It’s truly a family affair after all.

From $395

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

Newborn Family Session

Your new bundle of joy has arrived! Tiny toes, button noses, coos and cries. No one can anticipate how much your heart can grow until a tiny little human looks up at you and becomes your world.

Newborn Family Sessions can take place either in your home or in studio. Sessions are a very relaxed, and go-with-the-flow. We will take our cues from the littlest boss - and take breaks to feed, change and sooth baby, and help brother or sister have some fun too.

Please note that newborn sessions tend to take significantly more time than regular family sessions both in session time (2-3 hours) and for editing. Allowing enough session time to put everyone at ease, fed and happy ensures the best possible photos for your family.

From $495

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Newborn Mini Session

These sessions are a perfect way to capture the star of your show - your new bundle of joy!

A Newborn Mini Session focuses solely on our tiniest of friends and is a perfect way to document all those precious details of when he or she is just so small. Sleepy baby snuggles, wide-open eyes, little hands and wispy eyelashes - we’ll capture it all because this time really goes so fast.

Sessions are approximately one hour in length and can be held in studio or in the comfort of your home.

From $295

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Bump-to-Baby Experience

Document the biggest year of your life in the most beautiful way. From pregnancy to those first birthday smiles, let’s tell your family’s story of growth and joy.

This very special package will result in a robust collection of the most beautiful changes in your family’s life.

You will receive all the benefits and all the images of our Maternity Session, a Newborn Family Session and three Milestone Sessions.

Let me help tell your story from the very first chapter throughout baby’s very first year.

From $1600

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

The First Year Experience

Baby is here! Capture all those tiny details and big personality throughout the year as your little one grows and changes at every turn.

Similar to the Bump-to-Baby Experience, The First Year Experience captures all the joy from baby’s first days through that amazing milestone of his or her first year.

You will receive all the benefits and all the images of our Newborn Family Session and three Milestone Sessions.

From $1200

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

Milestone Session

Time flies when you’re having fun! There may have been sleepless nights, feedings and gravity-defying diaper changes, but all of a sudden your tiny little baby is smiling…then sitting… then walking… or learning the joys of smashing a cake!

That’s not all - then they’re in their terrific two’s, starting kindergarten, getting ready to drive… and dare I say it, starting college! This must have happened when you blinked, right?!

Milestone sessions can be for more than just birthdays, let’s tell your story together!

From $250

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Graduating Senior Session

Your family’s story is about to take a twist again, and here you are, with an independent young man or woman in your home… even if it’s just for a little while longer. (Or they may move into your basement forever…)

Senior sessions are very special because it’s a chance for your almost-grown child to tell their own story now. I will work closely with him or her to showcase true spirit and individuality.

Through gentle “posing” and actions, your teen will look and feel absolutely beautiful, handsome and confident - ready to crush this next big chapter of life!

From $250

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

Extended Family Session

Have you ever thought, “What should we get grandma for Christmas this year? She always says she just wants us all to enjoy some time together.”

These sessions are priceless. Having an entire family tree in one place at one time is special enough, but documenting it in a fun and timeless way to enjoy forever is truly a gift from the heart that will be eternally cherished.

Extended Family Sessions do take significantly more time than regular family sessions - both at the time of the session and in the editing process. These sessions are essentially 3+ full family sessions all at once, given the number and types of combinations of family members we will photograph at that time. We will work with your family to best stagger arrival times, etc. to help ensure that small children are fresh and happy at their start times.

From $695

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

Headshot Session

A professional headshot links your face to your business and often makes that first impression to a potential client, investor or future employer.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, in real estate, on-stage, or even just for your LinkedIn profile, updating your professional image will add strength and legitimacy to your business reputation.  

Headshot sessions are quick, painless, and I promise, we’ll have some fun so that you can continue putting that best foot forward and show the world what an amazing and approachable professional you are!

From $250

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

Documentary Session

I can’t even hide it. Documentary Sessions are my absolute favorite type of sessions to photograph. These are the moments, big or small, that make up a full life.

They are not always the “most glamorous” but they leave the biggest impact. A quiet snuggle when reading with your kids, bringing your new puppy home for the first time, a cold afternoon jumping on mom and dad’s bed, planting the flower garden with grandma are all the types of Documentary Sessions that will leave lasting impressions for both you and your children many years to come.

Let’s talk and we can dream up some incredible ideas together. I would be honored to help capture your most cherished moments so you can concentrate on living in them.

From $395

*Returning Customers Enjoy a 20% Discount as a Thank You for Your Patronage

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“Mini” Session

Abbreviated “Mini” sessions (20-30 minutes, 6-8 images) are offered on occasion.

These sessions will focus on a specific purpose, like dance recital photos, THE Christmas card photo, etc.

Please visit our Upcoming Events page for specials or seasonal “mini” session offerings. 

*Please note that the fees do not include any print packages*

Professional color lab prints can be purchased separately and is highly recommended to ensure the absolute truest color quality and for archiving. That said, you are welcome to use a printer of your choice, but your purchased images are professionally color calibrated and edited to look perfect. We simply wouldn’t want your prints or home displays to reflect anything less than the top notch service you deserve. We are happy to help you choose the best fit for your needs and budget.