A Little About Me... More About You... It's Really About Us


Oh, hello!  I'm Jen! I'm a mom to two spunky little girls and a little stinker dog, a wife to a darling husband, a Chicagoland native with a thirst for travel, a photographer and a purveyor of the human experience.

I strongly believe that EVERYONE has quite the story to tell...or show through you just being yourself, your expressions and movements. 

I have been trained formally to seek out these hidden stories and genuine moments through my education and work as a journalist.  I love reporting on the human element in my subjects and stories. But, I especially love capturing someone's untold story visually.  

I love how the camera can stop time, and how you can go back in time - anytime - through the images that we can create together.  

But enough about me, I want to know...what's your story?  No, really, I do! Don't be shy.  I promise, I won't make you look at the camera and say "Cheese!"  

Whether it be the opportunity to showcase the connection you have with your children, your spouse - your dog ... or the chance to document your son's first bike ride, a new sibling or pet coming home, a special art project the kids are working on with grandma, or anything your heart desires, it would be my honor to photograph your family's moments, so you can concentrate on living in them.