Ok, let me backtrack a bit...

Hi guys and gals! I have been ruminating on this for such a long time. I never quite put my finger on some of the "can't miss out syndrome" feelings that creep up when I see some of my fellow photographers posting gorgeous, candid moments of other moms and their children.  Then, it hit me. DUH! There is a MOM in that photo!

It's like BBC exclusive footage that you can just hear narrated by Planet Earth's David Attenborough. "...the elusive, rare sighting of mom, captured in time, holding or hugging or chasing or baking or biking or even folding laundry... WITH her kiddos!" How rare, indeed!

I can only really speak on my behalf, but I am confident that many, if not most, moms can relate. We are always behind the lens, and by lens, I'm not necessarily talking about a fancy DSLR, I mean, iPhone camera. We snap quick shots at the park, in front of the huge gorilla at the zoo, or of DAD playing catch with the kids.  

Told ya, big gorilla snapshot at the zoo...

Told ya, big gorilla snapshot at the zoo...

If we are in the shot at all, it's usually a selfie. We are a giant, floating head and arm with our kids crammed in the image or way off in the background. It doesn't feel authentic, or like a way to really remember the special moment you are trying to capture. 

It's time for a change. And Mother's Day is a perfect opportunity to blossom in your own photographic journey - for and of yourself. Your kids want to SEE you in photos too! They want to remember you, as the beautiful person you are right now - yoga pants, ponytail, chins and all.  And I promise in the years to come, you won't see your perceived imperfections.  You will just see the love and connection you have with the little beings that are your world.

So, what can we do?

Example: Giant floating head with chins selfie.

Example: Giant floating head with chins selfie.

Fellas, first, it's up to you. Take the photo - you get big bonus points if she DOESN'T HAVE TO ASK. Take the quick snaps and candid moments.  

Moms give your camera or phone to your partner and... until new Pavlovian conditioning is ingrained, you may have to ask for the photo...a lot. 

And lastly, make it a priority to get some really good professional images of YOU and your kids. A good lifestyle photographer knows how to prompt your children to capture a scene that looks and feels authentic. The images will be priceless and will allow you the opportunity to FEEL that connection with your children, every time you gaze at that beautiful, candid moment on your wall. (Bonus for using pros - we can erase those tired-mama circles under your eyes and fix a couple extra chins too!) 

It doesn't have to be me, but hire someone, sometime and you won't be sorry. Ever.