My little buddies aren’t so little anymore and I want to cry… and smile at the same time. I tend to fall into a big void of emotions often, so stick with me here, and you’ll see what I mean.

A dear friend popped by the studio a couple of weeks ago to get some updated portraits of her spunky, sassy, smart, fearless four kiddos. They were actually the first family I photographed as I was just pondering the idea of going “official” with Lyla Lane Photography.

Boy, have we both grown!

Kathryn is the oldest, a leader, trend-setter, fashionable and strong. Charlotte is next. She is my little sunshine friend whose exudes such kindness, sensitivity, grace, is so helpful and all around charming. James is my little dude - funny, goofy, kind, full of energy and inventive. And little Mia pulls up the rear with her elfish charm, humor, innocent energy and an insatiable need for marshmallows and candy. She can only be described as “so Mia.”

I. Love. These. Kids.

Here are a few peeks at the kiddos just two years ago:


Looking at the images from this little session, it just reinforced my own sense of nostalgia and desire to keep my kids “just this little” forever. Holy cow! These four look like they’ve grown up before my eyes! And…they HAVE!

Rock climbing lessons and fancy art pens replaced library story times and crayons. Hockey practice takes the time where afternoon naps once belonged. Clothes have gotten bigger, and definitely more fashion-forward. But one thing has definitely remained the same. My littlest buddy is just still “so very Mia,” and will still do just about anything for a chubby-bunny-style mouth full of mini marshmallows.

730 days from the photos above and here we are today:

Remkus Kids_02102019_001.jpg
Remkus Kids_02102019_051.jpg
Remkus Kids_02102019_006.jpg
Remkus Kids_02102019_069.jpg
Remkus Kids_02102019_063.jpg